Video to IAPP Training Partners from CEO, J. Trevor Hughes

To our trusted Official Training Partners,

I am reaching out with a message of encouragement. We are in unprecedented times. In a matter of days, the way we have always done business was turned upside down and we have had to reinvent ourselves in this new normal. Where you might have had a spring schedule of public trainings, you have now pivoted to live online offerings or reselling our self-paced, online trainings. However we can assist you, your Channel Team is there to support your efforts.

Make no mistake, privacy is not going away. The important and necessary work privacy professionals are doing all over the world continues despite these trying times. To help you relay this message, I have created a short video for you to share with your trainees (and potential trainees) about the importance of prioritizing professional development and working with you to make that happen.

We are in this together and will adapt as needed to make it to the other side. Lean on the IAPP’s Channel Team to help you navigate your way forward. 

Kind regards, 
J. Trevor Hughes 
President & CEO, IAPP