IAPP Privacy Boot Camp

IAPP DPO & GDPR Ready Privacy Boot Camp

In-person 8 day privacy professional certification and training program in a small countryside ancient roman place

Get your CIPP/E, CIPM and CIPT training and certification
in true live in-person dedicated intensive mode

Become GDPR and DPO Ready Privacy Pro through seven days of live in-person classes that include the IAPP’s Foundations of Privacy and Data Protection, European Data Protection, Privacy Program Management and Privacy Technicians Body of Knowledge training.

First day Foundations of Privacy and Data Protection provide you with knowledge you need to advance a career in privacy and related fields, In-demand skills you can start applying right away, A vocabulary of essential privacy terminology and prepare you for advanced privacy training and IAPP certification that follows.

IAPP faculty with academic and practice experience teaches the essentials of envisioning, designing and executing a comprehensive privacy management program within GDPR requirements. Classes cover pan-European and national data protection laws, key privacy terminology, and the practical concerns around personal data protection and trans-border data flows. They equip you to monitor compliance, manage internal data protection activities, train data processing staff, conduct internal audits, and more.

With the GDPR in effect, companies are searching for DPO candidates with the requisite knowledge and skills. These training programs are based off the body of knowledge for the ANSI/ISO-accredited Certified Information Privacy Professional/Europe (CIPP/E) and Certified Information Privacy Management (CIPM) certifications. CIPP/E and CIPM are recommended as the most appropriate for aspiring DPOs, according to Eric Lachaud in “Should the DPO be certified?” in International Data Privacy Law, a journal published by Oxford University Press.

Data protection authorities around the globe are enforcing regulations that mandate how data can be captured, stored and used. This makes technology, data and other professionals with dual literacy in both privacy and technology essential components to ensure operations meet privacy goals and mitigate risks. Operations of all sizes are investing in Certified Information Privacy Technologists (CIPT). Your CIPT certification validates your deep understanding of privacy in technology and enables you to apply what you have learned immediately to your daily workflow as a technology and data professional. As a legal person your CIPT certification provide you with common language to discuss data protection and privacy with IT and technical people not only speaking their langiage but also to understand what are “state of the art” solutions to implement appropriate technical and organisational measures and Privacy by design. 

The Professional Standards for Data Protection Officers issued by the EDPS DPO network in 2010 provides useful tips and best practices for the DPOs of the EUIs:

1.3. Certification
“The DPO should be given the opportunity to develop his/her skills. This could include the possibility to obtain certification as privacy professional. The most relevant certification at this stage would be the one provided by the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP), which offers various privacy professional certifications, including Certified Information Privacy Professional (CIPP) and Certified Information Privacy Professional/Information Technology (CIPP/IT). “

What’s more, IAPP certifications, are widely hailed as the gold standard in privacy certification because they are also the only certifications in the industry accredited under ANSI/ISO specifications and recognized under standards set by the International Accreditation Forum.


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WHAT is included in IAPP Boot Camp package:

  • IAPP 1 year membership
  • access to all IAPP library and resources 4 weeks prior to camp date
  • CIPP/E, CIPM and CIPT exam vaucher
  • CIPP/E, CIPM and CIPT literature and learning materials
  • CIPP/E, CIPM and CIPT training following IAPP Body of Knowledge
  • Accomodation and food on camp premise for 8 days
  • Thermal swimming pool and after hour refreshment
  • After training mentoring and exam prep support via online meeting

During the training you will have opportunity to share ideas with other participants and learn from best practice of your co-trainees.

The trainers for each certification preparations are iapp certified and experienced privacy professionals with proven records within privacy and data protection.

Language is English.


email or call for dates

Note: seats are limited


4.000EUR (plus 25% VAT)
payment is by company invoice VAT deductable
for private candidates we provide payment options


Aqua Iasae / Varaždinske toplice – Croatia

CERTIFICATION EXAM is online PearsonVue Proctoring or in Pearson Certification Center

Certification exam you will take at the time that is most convenient to you in Pearson exam center or online.

With Pearson Vue’s online option, you can take your exam in a private, secure location from your home with a few technological requirements.



  • 7 day in-person intensive training
  • IAPP one year membership
  • Full access to the iapp resources library and DPO Ready Toolkit
  • Class textbook(s)
  • Sample questions
  • Participant guides FPDP, CIPP/E, CIPM, CIPT
  • Self-pre-study prior to in-person training supported by certified trainer
  • Kick-off workshop 4 weeks prior to in-person training
  • Foundations of Privacy and Data Protection (FPDP) 1st day class
  • in-person 2-day training for each Body of Knowledge and certificate exam
  • Post Boot Camp mentoring

European Data Protection (CIPP/E)

  • “European Data Protection Law and Practice 2nd Edition” (contents)
  • CIPP/E certification exam voucher
  • pre & post training CIPP/E trainer mentoring

Privacy Program Management (CIPM)

  • “Privacy Program Management Tools for Managing Privacy Within Your Organization 2nd Edition” (contents)
  • CIPM certification exam voucher
  • pre & post training CIPM trainer mentoring

Privacy Engineering / Privacy Technologist (CIPT)

  • “An Introduction to Privacy for Technology Professionals” (contents)
  • “Strategic Privacy By Design” (contents)
  • CIPT certification exam voucher
  • pre & post training CIPT trainer mentoring


  • Sought-after skills you can start applying right away
  • Know-how you need to advance your career
  • Instruction by world-class faculty working in the privacy field
  • CIPP/E Body of Knowledge read here
  • CIPM Body of Knowledge read here
  • CIPT Body of Knowledge read here


  1. Purchase the package
  2. After we receive your order you are registered with IAPP
  3. Your membership is started, you receive Welcome email
  4. We provide you with all the materials needed to start preparing for exam
  5. You spend 3-4 weeks going through materials 1-2 hours a day
  6. We have training where you already have some understand of topics and we follow the IAPP participant guide
  7. You schedule the exam
  8. After training you do your hard reading for at least a week
  9. If you need any additional help you may contact your trainer
  10. After you are ready you run the exam

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