Artificial Intelligence

The rapid growth in societal awareness and integration of generative AI into business operations has generated both excitement and concern. To navigate legal and ethical challenges, while ensuring trustworthy governance of AI, organizations must take a proactive approach towards effective risk mitigation.

There is no single skills and qualification development path that will provide ultimate answer to AI challenge. Each professional in the field of artificial intelligence as well as any organization that deploy this technology either as a vendor (who design and develop) or as a customer (that purchase and deploy) should have a clear understand what the goal is.

How we see that path is extension of privacy certification programs build around IAPP CIPP, CIPM and CIPT. Particularly the last one. CIPT is giving the technologist the knowledge and skills to understand why and how protect individual from privacy perspective and how to design and develop product service or solution that will not bring harm to person whose data they collect and process. Now it is the same with AI. How to build responsible AI solution and how to bring all these trustworthy and human centric requirements up to the attention of design and development team.

Bello Consulting will provide you with training and resources to address this task. We are already delivering privacy certification training across the globe. Now it is extended with AI certification.

The Body of Knowledge and Syllabus serves as a useful learning tool for professionals across various backgrounds who will assume new responsibilities as AI systems become integral to business operations. Look for training and certification that fulfill your needs.

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