IAPP certifications now globally recognized under new Multilateral Recognition Arrangement

Since 2015, the IAPP’s CIPM, CIPP/E, CIPP/US and CIPT credentials have been accredited by the American National Standards Institute under the International Organization for Standardization standard 17024: 2012. Originally, the IAPP chose ANSI to distinguish the certifications based on ANSI’s standing as an internationally respected accrediting body and rigorous standards. Now, the signing of a Multilateral Recognition Agreement with the International Accreditation Forum has allowed ANSI’s gold standard to go global, and IAPP certificates, as a result, have become virtual passports.

ANSI became recognized as a signatory to the International Accreditation Forum Multilateral Recognition Arrangement for ISO/IEC 17024: 2012 in an agreement signed Oct. 30, 2018. In a press release, ANSI said, “Being recognized by IAF provides further confidence that ANSI accreditation conforms to global requirements for accreditation bodies (ISO/IEC 17011) and has successfully demonstrated its competence through a rigorous peer-evaluation process. As a signatory to these MLAs, ANSI demonstrates ISO/IEC 17011 compliance attesting to equal reliability worldwide.”

Effectively, the agreement, which applies to IAF accrediting bodies, shows that the organizations they accredit are all meeting the same standard.

“Bottom line,” said IAPP Certification Director Douglas Forman, “accrediting bodies that are IAF members must recognize the certificates issued by one another’s accredited certifying bodies.” Under the mantra, “Certified once-accepted everywhere,” members with credentials recognized by ANSI will find themselves accepted worldwide under the new agreement.

This is great news for IAPP certification holders, Forman said. He added that internationally, most governments in the EU and Asia-Pacific only recognize certifications that are accredited by an IAF MLA signatory. Under the new agreement, CIPM, CIPT, CIPP/US and CIPP/E are accepted globally, giving them an international stamp of approval that so many governments look for.

“This provides incredible value to those with certifications,” Forman said. “As global privacy professionals find they have a certification they can take anywhere and have it recognized as something that’s valuable, that will be huge. Our certifications have truly gone international,” said Forman.

While multilateral agreements are often reserved for products and processes, Forman said, “this is a major milestone because it’s 17024: 2012 specific.” He added, “It underscores why we went with ANSI in the first place. As a signatory to this MLA, ANSI has even more of a prominent international stature that it can now share with IAPP certifications.”

While the IAPP has always been international in focus, this move is the latest to take the IAPP international in practice.

By Molly Hulefeld

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